Monday, August 2, 2010

New Bathroom Timer

We had 15 minute timer that had stopped working so we needed to replace it. It was the knob style that you turn to the time you want it to run:
15 Minute Bathroom Timer

I got my nifty 2 in 1 Stubby Quick Change Pocket Screwdriver that I got from Meritline for 89 cents and set to work:
Taking out the Screws

For some reason the face plate wouldn't come off, so I had to use the screwdriver to pry it off:
Prying off the Face Plate

Don't ask me why they used flat head screws to install the thing. I hate flat head screws, but nonetheless, out they came:
Taking out the Timer

At this point I remembered that I'm not an electrician, so I better switch off the breaker so I won't get zapped. I don't know what those wires might be up to!
Turning off the Breaker

I took the wires off the old timer:
Unwiring the old Timer

Again, lovely flat head screws; what good is a 2 in 1 Stubby Quick Change Pocket Screwdriver that I got from Meritline for 89 cents if I only get to use one side?! :D At this point, I took the new timer out of the box. Uh oh! Do you see any problems here?
New Timer

FOUR WIRES! HELP! What am I going to do with twice as many wires as I think I need?! Perhaps I can consult with the instructions:
Instructions in Spanish

After pondering why these instructions weren't making any sense without actually reading anything very close I discovered they were in Spanish. That's one problem with being a Spanish student, it takes a little longer to register that it's not in the right language. The other side looked much more understandable:
Instructions in English

English or Spanish; either way, it was all Greek to me...besides I was too lazy to read it. I shall converse with my brother who is an electrician:
Calling Johnny John

I'll bet you thought you were going to find out how I got shocked, set the electrical on fire, had to buy a new timer, had to scrape melted wire nuts up off the floor, ect, etc, but no. HE WOULDN'T EVEN HELP ME! His reply? "I'll be over there tonight and put it in for you." So now I don't even know how to install one for if I want to sometime. :( At any rate, it does look nice:
New Timer

You push the button to turn it on and again to change the time to run:
Timer On

Next time I'm going to demand a tutorial on the installation! :D

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