Thursday, August 12, 2010

Even More Houseplants

Again, here are more house plants. This first one is an Aloe Vera Plant which I got on a clearance table for $0.99. As you can see, it's not doing very well. I watered it too much at first. It's just starting to turn back green from that! The problem is, I love my house plants...too much for this type. They thrive on neglect rather than care, so all my efforts of rescue just make them worse. One day I'll figure the silly things out. In the mean time, this is what it looks like:
Aloe Vera Plant

This is another Dragon's Blood or "Hairy Tree" as I like to call them. This belongs to a co worker. Dragon's Blood trees are amazing plants. They seem to grow just as large as you allow them to. If they're in a small pot, they stay small. You can move them to a large pot and they'll grow larger until they fill the pot. I saw one that was huge; I mean HUGE in a hospital. It was as tall as a 1 story building without any exaggeration and the pot was massive. This one will probably get a little larger in this pot before it evens off:
Dragon's Blood or

This is a banana tree. It was much larger, but something happened to it and it clear died off. This one came up from the roots and is just starting to get big for us:
Banana Tree

This next plant is a China Doll plant. It was once much bigger too, but we re-potted it and took most of the starts out. It started out as this cute little innocent looking plant in a basket arrangement that also contained the Peace Lily I mentioned in my last article. When we re-potted it, all the starts we took out died. This one had 2 starts that struggled for a long time before one finally got over it and the other one died clear back. We thought it was gone, but you can see in this picture that it's tiny in the bottom and coming back healthy as ever:
China Doll Plant

I love these plants. This actually belongs to a co-worker, but I sure like it a lot. It doesn't need any direct sunlight and just likes to be watered about every other week:
Watering the China Doll

This is a little shoot I took off a Kalanchoe. It's growing next to a Money Tree:
Kalanchoe Growing by a Money Tree

This is another arrangement that was given to my co-worker. It has a Dragon's Blood or "Hairy Tree", a Crouton, as well as a Pathos. This is about how big the other arrangement was when she first got it:
Houseplant Arrangement

This next plant is a Spider Plant. It also came is the same arrangement that the China Doll and Peace Lily were in:
Spider Plant

This is an Ivy and, well, it's not doing so good. It looks fine here:

...but take a closer look:
Shriveling Ivy

It's my fault. I forgot to water it for 2 weeks and now I just hope it's going to pull out of it. It looks so lovely here:
Ivy in Picture Window with Vase

While you'd think I'd be content with that many plants, I do actually have a few more to share with you tomorrow, so check back for even more beautiful, lovely houseplants that keep our office cheery. :)

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  1. Hi there, lots of nice plants! That "dragons blood" plant is actually called dragon tree, (aka) Dracenea Marginata. They normally get 30 feet in their natural habitat. Zane


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