Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Houseplants

Here are some more of my houseplants. This first one is an Impatien. A little history on this plant which is actually my boss's plant; my sister gave it to him after she couldn't get it to grow for about 6 months or more. It was pale and yellow and just plain wouldn't grow. It was about 6 inches tall and just did nothing. After he had it for about that long, I took pitty on the poor thing and repotted it with my favorite kind of potting soil (Black Gold Waterhold), and fed it some of my favorite fertilizer (Miracle-Gro Liquid Houseplant Food). It just took off and grew like crazy. Now it's producing flowers and is absolutely gorgeous:
Impatiens Houseplant

I love these plants. They're so much fun. I did have to trim off a branch that got broken somehow:
Broken Branch

Look at the flowers on this thing. They're so beautiful:
Impatiens Flowers

When I water Impatiens, I pour lots of water on top of the soil, then I fill up the tray with water too. They like lots of water:
Watering the Impatiens

These plants can easily be grown from clippings. You just put the clipping in water until they sprout roots, then you pot them up. I grew this one from a clipping and then gave it to a co-worker:
Impatiens Houseplant

I water it the same way:
Watering the Impatiens

This next one is I grew from Mimosa Pudica Seeds. Some people call them Sensitive Plant Seeds. The leaves fold up when you touch them:
Mimosa Pudica or Sensitive Plant

Here is a Jade. I only water this when it starts looking shriveled:

This is a rainbow bush. It gets watered whenever I think about it. :) It doesn't like too much water. It's a succulent so it's kind of like the Jade family. This is actually a rescue I got from a friend. She had a bunch of plants in her classroom that accidentally got abandoned for a couple months. I went in there one day and this was the last one that had even a tiny bit of life left. It's doing very well now:
Rainbow Bush

Here is my co-worker's Peace Lily in bloom:
Peace Lily

This last plant is a coffee tree that a friend of mine gave me to try and resurrect. In places it looks like it'll be fine. Well have to see how it turns out. I'm thinking about changing out the soil to Black Gold Waterhold, and I think that would help a lot:
Dying Coffee Tree

I guess that better be all for today. I still have more, so do check back tomorrow for some more beautiful houseplant pictures!

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