Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Rest of the Houseplants

Here are the rest of my houseplants. I know I said I'd share these yesterday, but it got really hairy and I didn't get to it. This first plant is another Impatien:

This is a Finger Jade:
Finger Jade

This belongs to a co-worker. It's a Bougainvillea. It's supposed to grow red bracts, but it hasn't yet. Where it was before, I think it wasn't getting enough sun, so we moved it here:

This is an arrangement I got just the other day. It's got an Umbrella Plant and an Arrowhead Plant in it:
Umbrella Plant & Arrowhead Plant

This is an African Violet which I also got just the other day. I've seen, bought, and grown much better specimens than this before, but this was the last one they had so I took it:
African Violet

This is a Hummingbird Vine which I started from seed about this time last year. It grows very very slowly. There were 4 plants in there, but one of them died:
Hummingbird Vine

This is an Ornamental Pepper Plant. You can see that it has red fruit on it. That's from last year. I let them dry and remain as decorations on the plant. It's also growing some more:
Ornamental Pepper Plant

This is a Spring Cactus. If it were to flower again I'd be very glad. It grows very pretty flowers, but it's hard to get it to flower and I haven't felt like it would be worth the effort yet. You have to keep it at a certain temperature for so long, then a different temperature for so long, then in darkness for so long...anyway, I'm not that ambitious quite yet. It makes a lovely green plant in the meantime:
Spring Cactus

This is a Swedish Ivy:
Swedish Ivy
Swedish Ivy
This is a Cyclamen. I've really enjoyed this plant. It grows beautiful pink flowers in cooler weather. You can see that there are a few on it right now, but in the cooler weather it grows scads of them:

This is where all those hanging baskets are hanging. Isn't this lovely? I really like hanging baskets:
Hanging Baskets

This plant I also got just the other day. It's a Corn Plant with Pathos vine growing around it. I've never spent as much on a plant as I did on this one, but it was truly love at first sight when I saw it:
Corn Plant with Pathos Vine

Last, but not least, this is a Mother-in-Law's Tongue. It's a great plant because it almost never needs watered and doesn't really care if it get any direct sunlight. It does just fine with fluorescent lighting:
Mother-in-Law's Tongue

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my house plant collection. These are all the ones I have at my office. There are some more at home, but that will have to be for a later article. ;) For those who wonder, that's 35 pots of plants. :O We better have lots of oxygen in this office!


  1. Hi Missy, You sure have a lot of houseplants. I'm not so good with houseplants at all. I see Skeeter already responded to your earlier comment on our blog but I am the one who adds blogs to the blog page. Can you tell me your state so I can get you in the right state? If you'd rather not, that is fine too. Also, looked for you on Blotanical (a listing of garden blogs) and could not find you there. Google it and see if it is something you'd like.

  2. Hi Tina! Thank you. I'll check it out. I'm in Northern Arizona and work in Southern Utah. :)


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