Thursday, August 5, 2010

My New Vases - Repaired

I was given 2 of these vases that were cracked because they were in an unsaleable condition. One had 2 of the feet clear broken off. The other just had one foot cracked. This article will show the one that was cracked. This is the box it came in:
Vase Box

If you ask me, that's an awful picture of it on that box. It's way prettier in real life. Here are some pictures of the damage. It's made of cast resin so it broke pretty easily:
Vase Crack

Vase Crack

Vase Crack

I pulled it out a little:
Vase Crack Open

And put some glue in the crack:
Gluing the Crack

Then I pushed it up tight and held it for a little while:
Holding the Crack Shut

All better:
Repaired Vase

Isn't it beautiful?
Beautiful Vase

No vase is complete without flowers. I got my gloves on and clipped a few:
Cut Flowers

I love cut flowers. I added a few more to fill up the vase since it's pretty big. Isn't this a nice home improvement?
Vase of Flowers

I didn't put flowers in the other one yet, but they look nice on either side of my headboard.

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