Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Spiffing-Up the Plant Shelf

When you walk in your bedroom and see something as beautiful as this lovely African Violet...
Purple African Violet in Bloom

...on your lovely plant shelf...
Lighted Plant Shelf

...you probably won't notice that it's incomplete. This "Papaya Grove" as I like to call it, needs repotted:
Papaya Grove

I grew that from seed. We got a papaya and I planted all the seeds from it thinking maybe a few would come up. I think they all came up...it just took about 4 months for them to sprout! This Impatiens plant also needs re-potted:
Impatiens needs Re-potted

But I think the last thing you're going to notice is how dirty the shelf is:
Dirty Shelf

It's amazing how much dust we collect in our homes without noticing. Well, I went ahead and re-potted the Papaya Grove:
Re-Potted Papaya Grove

And I re-potted the Impatiens:
Re-Potted Impatiens

I really like Black Gold brand Water Hold Cocoblend Potting Soil. If I buy it, that's what I get and nothing else. I have used other kinds that people have given me, but I never like them as well. I taped the bag shut after I got through potting up those plants. I don't want to imagine what my "Hermanita" (Pronounced like air-mon-eat-ah - It's the Spanish version of "Sis") would do when she found a whole big bag of dirt here nice and handy in my bedroom!
Black Gold Potting Soil Taped Shut

Next I piled all my plants around the room while I cleaned the shelf:
Cleaning the Plant Shelf

This on the wall is where the tomato seed package got wet and stuck to the wall when I was sprouting them this spring:
Tomato Package Stuck to the Wall

It was really stuck on there good too:
Tomato Package Stuck to the Wall Good

Look how nice the shelf looks now:
Clean Shelf

Isn't this most lovely now?
Plant Shelf all Spiffed Up

That plant on the left hand side is a few of the Papaya seedlings I re-potted for one of my co-workers who asked me for some. I think you'll agree that this shelf looks much more appealing to the eye than it's sister shelf across the room:
Gardening Supplies Shelf

One of these days I'm going to come up with some fancy way to make those dark black cords not stand out so much against the bright white of the rest of the room. Feel free to drop me some ideas on that one!


  1. I love how you mounted it on the wall- it looks a lot better than my ugly rack made out of garage shelves that I had in my house, now in the garage. It needs a major major cleanup ;)

  2. I like that it looks very nice. I have been dreaming of one of those window box---like a little solarium---an all glass pop out window. :)


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