Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to Make a Diaper Cake

This doesn't really have much to do with home improvement or gardening, but I made a diaper cake for someone last night. Since I haven't posted any articles the last few days, I'm going to bombard you with lots for this project. First I cut pieces of ribbon into strips long enough to tie around the rolled diapers:
Cutting Ribbon Strips

Then I rolled the diapers up:
Rolling the Diapers
Rolling the DiapersRolling the Diapers
Then I tied the ribbon around them:
Tying Ribbon Around the Diapers
Double Knot
Next I tied 6 of them around 1 to make a circle. This will be the center of the cake for both tiers. I made 2 of these:

Next I stacked 12 around one circle for the bottom tier:
Bottom Tier

Then I put diapers around the bottom in a swirl:
Swirl Bottom Tier

I tied it all cute with ribbon and tied a bow:
Bottom Tier

Isn't that cute? Next I used baby spoons inserted in the center of the top tier to attach them to the bottom tier:
Top Tier Attachment
Top Tier Attachment
That just makes so it doesn't move around:
Center Top Tier Attached

Now I cut some more pieces of ribbon. These are longer because I'm going to tie them into bows on the outside of 6 of them:

I tied the bows on the smooth facing side like this:

I did 6 like that and 6 the same as the others:
Top Tier Diapers

Then I stacked them on every other one with bows and regular. This is kind of a balancing act to get them all to stay on while you tie the ribbon around:
Top Tier

After I put 2 rows of ribbon to hold that tier together, I added some baby spoons to look like candles:
Diaper Cake with Baby Spoon Candles

It's almost cute enough just like that, but it gets ever cuter! I added some flower hair clips to the top tier:
Flower Hair Clips on Top Tier

...some baby socks to the bottom tier:
Diaper Cake with Baby Sock

...some cute little zip lock bags filled with mini M&Ms:
Mini M&Ms

...a few pacifiers and a set of baby toy keys:
Diaper Cake with Pacifiers and Baby Keys

...and filled the sock with Skittles and Mini M&Ms:
Baby Socks full of Skittles and M&Ms

Doesn't this look most tasty?
Diaper Cake

Here are just a few more shots:
Diaper Cake
Diaper Cake
I'm going to finish it off with a tin foil covered tray. Baby is due next week and I hope she likes her new cake! :D It reminds me of what my parents' sign looks like right now. We planted morning glories by it and this is what happened:

If that doesn't describe this cake to a T, I don't know what does. ;)


  1. It is a work of art! I know the new mother to be will love it.

    P.S. Got your message.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my bloggie. Your cake is so cute! I love the way the little clippies look- and everything looks sweeter with M&M's!


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