Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weeding the Corner Garden

The corner garden; haven of peace, refuge of safety, and retreat of calm, sublime, serenity...if you're a weed. I have a huge problem with grass in this bed. Here's a picture of before I got started weeding:
Weed Haven

You can see that there are by far more weeds than there are flowers. Good thing I think weeding is recreation after a day in the office, right? There really are some flowers there among the thistles:
Petunias in the Thistles

I don't weed without gardening gloves. Maybe I've got just a little too much feminine in me so I don't like to get my hands dirty, or maybe I'm just too lazy to spend the next 10 days digging mud out of my fingernails. I don't know. Maybe it's really because I'm afraid someone's going to send me a message on my BlackBerry and I don't want to get dirt in it, just rip off the gloves and text away. :) Anyhow, so I got out my trusty butterfly glove (by the way, by the time I was done weeding this garden I had to throw that pair of glove away because they got a hole in them) and my metal hand shovel and set to work:
Butterfly Gloves and Shovel

I got that shovel from the gardening club free as a test product or something. It was advertised as a transplant shovel. I got a hard plastic Fisker shovel from them too, but I like this metal one better since it's a lot sharper because the metal's thinner. It took me several days to weed this lovely garden, but I enjoyed every minute of it. How can you not when you find such pleasent surprises as this Violet Candy Tuft Plant that I didn't realize had actually come up:
Violet Candy Tuft

Or these beautiful candy cane petunias:
Candy Cane Petunias

Or lovely purple and pink petunias:
Purple and Pink Petunias

Look at this mammoth pile of weeds I got every night:
Mammoth Weed Pile

I'm not sure what the pink flowers (I like to call them fireworks) are here, but the white ones are baby's breath, if I'm not mistaken:
Firework Flowers and Baby's Breath

These blue petunias sure are lovely, wouldn't you agree?
Blue Petunias

I simply can't stop cooing over how lovely the sunset was this night:
Beautiful Sunset

Is that one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen, or what? I just love it. I think it has a very good chance of being my next crayon art subject. Another day, just before sunset, the clouds were so gorgeous:
Pretty Clouds

And when sunset can form your own opinion on this one:
Pretty Sunset

That same day it sprinkled a little while I was out there, and a piece of a rainbow showed up:

Here's another sunset picture from that night:
Pretty Sunset

The weather that day was especially meaningful to me for personal reasons. I really enjoyed my weeding! I think it took around a week to finish, probably a little less, but here are the end results:
Corner Garden Weeded

Yes, those are a few more weeds there around the power pole. Don't worry, they're gone now. I went ahead and snapped a picture after all the weeds were gone, just for good measure. ;)
Corner Garden Weeded

All the flowers and the tomatoes in this garden were grown from seed by me. Those are cherry tomatoes on the end away from the street. I think the sunflowers peeking over the fence from the neighbors sure add to the effect...especially next year when I'm weeding them out of the garden again... :)


  1. Isnt it amazing how quickly weeds grow? Over night in my gardens. Maybe you should put some mulch around the flowers to reduce the weeds, just a suggestion.

    The sun paints a beautiful sky for sure!

  2. I actually did mulch at the first of the season. It didn't stay very long though. :( We have lots of wind.


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