Saturday, July 24, 2010

Installing the Toe Skin

I guess you're probably thinking, 'So, what exactly IS a toe skin?' I wondered that too the first time I heard it. A toe skin is a little decorative piece of wood or laminate that covers the bare wood on the bottom of your kitchen cupboard; at least that's what I've been led to believe it is. I had a cabinet built to replace an old broken down dishwasher and they make them to have flooring installed over that place. Well, since this was a renovation or remodel situation and I had no desire to redo my flooring just for that, I asked them what could be done. They supplied me with the toe skin to glue on. That was almost a year ago. Here's what the cabinet looked like this morning (and for nearly a whole year) before I decided to spend 5 minutes doing this:
Cabinet Missing Toe Skin

Yes, that's red food coloring from when we made humming bird food. Oops. :) Here's the toe skin picture:
Toe Skin

Pretty, isn't it? So, I got some wood glue and scribbled some on the back:
Scribbled Glue

Scribbled Glue

I guess I probably would have done it more gracefully, but I was trying to do it one handed and take the pictures left handed. Next I stuck it onto the bottom of the cabinet:
Installing Toe Skin

It wanted to slide down to the floor past the bottom of the wood so I propped it up with wadded up napkins:
Toe Skin Propped up with Napkins

Now doesn't that look better?
Cabinet with Toe Skin Installed

Don't ask why it took me nearly a year to decide to do that. It's taken me MUCH longer to post this blog about it than it did to glue it on. :D

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