Monday, September 13, 2010

Pretty Flowers Everywhere

My garden is SO pretty right now. I snapped a few pictures to share with you today. This first one is my pink Aster. Is this pretty, or what? This is the second year for this plant. It did get transplanted this spring:
Pink Aster

This is purple Aster. It's the same age as the pink and also got transplanted the first of this spring:
Purple Aster

I sure like Verbena. The purple and red flowers here are Verbena with the purple Aster in the background:
Red and Purple Verbena with Aster

Here's some red Verbena:
Red Verbena

This is a patch of white Alyssum. I love the petunias peaking through the middle. I just wish there was more of them. :)

Here's the full top tier of that garden from the back:

This is my rose garden. I love this garden. The foliage is so dense that weeds don't hardly even try to grow here:
Rose Garden

Here's the pretty corner of this garden. It looks so beautiful here:
Pretty Garden Corner

I took another shot since I love this corner so much!
Pretty Garden Corner

This is a (I think) watermelon plant that came up volunteer. It adds a nice enough effect that, even if it doesn't grow any melons, I left it there:
Volunteer Watermelon Plant

I was amazed at how these petunias climbed up this wall by sneaking up behind the fencing:
Petunia Wall

This is a view of the Lantana (that came up from last year) and roses from the top of the stairs:
Lantana and Roses

I'm expecting the mums to burst forth into color any time here now that it's cooling off. I've had a lot of good times gardening this year. This time of year it really feels like it's all paying off. :)


  1. Wow! You do have lots of beautiful flowers! Don't these flowers make everyone smile?

  2. They certainly make me smile, and I hope they made you smile too! :D

  3. Your garden looks lovely - all of your plants compliment each other!

  4. Your flowers look so vibrant and happy! I really do enjoy Pinks, Reds and Purples together as they fit so well. I love your Cake Fan, cleaver cake there and so yummy looking too. Happy Belated Working Birthday! Your turtles look happy too :-)


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