Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flowers Galore

I took a few more pictures of the top tier of that garden I posted a few days ago. Here they come. This is Aster, Daisy, and Vinca:
Aster, Daisy, and Vinca

Here's the pink Aster with Vinca:
Pink Aster with Vinca

This Vinca is SO very pretty to me. I fell in love with it at the nursery:

Here's a close up of the pink Aster flowers:
Pink Aster Flowers

And here's a close up of the purple Aster flowers:
Purple Aster Flowers

I might be playing favorites, but I sure think I have the prettiest garden there is! :)


  1. Lovely combination and yeah, very pretty garden!

  2. The Asters are just gorgeous ... that's a lovely garden bed.


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