Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Name This - Guessing Game

This is a picture of an everyday item at a not-so-everyday angle. :) Go ahead, give it a guess:
Name This

After everyone has guessed at what it is, I'll tell you. Whoever guess right, or at least the closest, gets a high resolution copy of any of my blog images emailed to them just for fun. Whoever doesn't win gets one too. Be sure to include which image you would like a copy of in your reply. :) Thanks for joining and I hope you all have a good time.


  1. Hmmm at first I was going to say ashtray too but maybe now it's the base of a candlestick? As far as the prize goes - I would want to be surprised!

  2. Ok. Are you ready? The winner is... Tina! It's a bottle of Fresca looking down through the open bottle into the drink. :)Congratulation Tina and everyone. I will send out your high resolution pictures today :)


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