Friday, September 24, 2010

My Tree is Climbing Out!

If anyone sees a Hairy Tree on the loose, it's probably mine because mine is trying to climb out of it's pot! This is an example of when to re-pot a plant. Look how innocent he looks just sitting here on my desk:
Pot Bound

Take a closer look:
Pot Bound

He's climbing out! Someone once explained to me that you know to re-pot a plant when it starts pulling away from the sides and pushing up like a cake does when it's done baking. I hadn't seen it until this one. When you see these roots you'll see why it's pushing up:
Pot Bound

See how huge the roots are? Here's another look:
Pot Bound

One last view of the bottom:
Pot Bound

So it looks like a new pot will be on my list of things to pick up when I go in to town next. :)


  1. Oh yeah ... it looks like it needs a new home. Remarkably healthy looking despite it all!

  2. Hi Missy,
    Thanks for your visit to my blog. I have not heard the cake done baking method of determining when a plant needs repotting, but it looks to be right on the money! Those roots look pretty pot bound.

  3. Hi!
    These pics are absolutely magnificent and your little plant definitely has some strong roots. I hope that they have not cracked the pot.

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